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Whether you’ve hit a roadblock in your language learning journey, or are wondering how to get started amidst all the overwhelming information and offers you’re bombarded with, I can help you.  I can help you make it SIMPLE and make FAST progress.

90 Day 1-1 Language Breakthrough Programme

If you’d like to work with me in person, you can join my 90 Day 1-1 Language Breakthrough Programme.  Together we will create your plan, curate materials tailored to you and what you want to achieve, you’ll have unlimited access to me on WhatsApp for pronunciation practice and motivation, and 8 Zoom calls to activate what you’re learning. 

My signature 1-1 90 Day Language Breakthrough Programme is for frustrated language learners who are fed up with slow progress and want to accelerate their understanding of the language and start speaking with confidence.

You could be a good fit for the programme if you have been learning German for a while, but feel you’re still not able to understand what is going on and feel unsure when speaking.  You may have been studying the grammar books, but can’t participate in meetings or conversations.  By the time you’ve worked out your answer, the moment has passed!

If you’re 100% ready to quit wasting time with drip-feed lessons and learning cases and verb endings, but not confident to give your opinion on day to day issues, then this could be perfect for you.

I’ve worked with this approach for over 20 years, and it’s how I learnt my languages.

So, what’s involved? How does the programme work?

During our 90 Days, I will work with you to find out WHAT you know already, what you WANT to be able to do and we’ll work out the timetable that fits in with your lifestyle.

I will be asking you to COMMIT to at least 30 minutes most days – more on some days.  Don’t panic.  This will mostly be listening; you will sometimes be getting involved in the listening and need to be by your screen or printout, and other times you can be more passive and just enjoy. You can listen while you walk or while you cook.  We’ll work out how to fit it around your busy life.

I will find out what makes you TICK, so the materials we use engage you and keep your interest.  I will use music and mindmaps and probably make you laugh.

You will have one or two killer ‘ANCHOR’ sentences that you learn by heart which help you seamlessly with grammar points you will never forget.

There will be many lightbulb moments and you will be able to RELAX and enjoy learning and becoming more and more confident.Investment is currently £1,600 

Book a call to request more details and find out if you are a good fit for the programme.

“Lesley is an extremely approachable and supportive language coach who helped me in my lack of confidence when doing remote meetings or presentations. Also, she customised the sessions to my needs and requirements in improving my communication on remote/Skype meetings or on the phone as well as providing me with good materials and tips to improve my listening.”

2 Session Supercharge Plan

If you’re not ready to commit to the full programme, then you can book the 2 Session Supercharge Plan for only £247

In the first session, we look at where you are now, what you want to be able to achieve, and bust any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

I then send you materials to work on, with guidelines. 

The second session is for feedback, to activate what you learned and to create your Route Map (complete with your very own Goal Map, sound chart and Anchor sentence)  to take you forward. This is the cheapest way to work with me in person.

You can book your first session by clicking the button below

“Just had a brilliant session with Lesley who knows languages, learning and best of all, how to communicate her ideas into manageable do-able actions. Lesley is warm and very knowledgeable and our session together was highly personalised. This means she came up with so many ideas which I am now going away to implement.”


Are you putting together a plan for your company?

Let me help you before you waste time and money!  

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What Others Say

“Lesley brought it to life straight away within two minutes of engaging with me. I loved her genuine interest in me as a person & her passion for us to get the best out of our hour together. We worked & laughed hard, I got what I needed & more. Lesley showed me how to project my authenticity. She's a joy act to follow! “ Joyce Nunu

“Lesley is remarkable. She's full of knowledge, has a proven method and is both honest and supportive. The best combination to have. When you're looking for someone to help you with communication, I can highly recommend you reach out to Lesley!” Elsewine Rietveld

“She was both incredibly kind, patient and enthusiastic. I highly recommend her as an amazing teacher for everyone.” Elizabeth Abramson

“I learnt what was holding me back, why I was procrastinating. I’m not going to give the whole process away, but safe to say the process itself, Lesley’s wonderful manner, her encouragement and explanation have enabled me to tackle goals in a whole new way. I highly recommend Lesley. If you are struggling with achieving your goals, she will definitely help you find your way.” Andrea Rainsford

" Lesley and I had a conversation in a one-to-one session where we mapped out everything that I would need to do to make it happen. It was brilliant because it helped me to see not only how to envision the goal actually happening, but also it helped me to see all the practical things that needed doing.” Michelle Gyimah

“I needed some help and advice from Lesley a little while back and she went above and beyond. Her warm and friendly manner meant that I was put instantly at ease and no question was too silly. She is highly supportive and empowering, combine that with a lifetime of knowledge and experience, I knew I was in expert hands. Lesley is a lady with a big heart, tons of expertise and great wisdom. After speaking to her I took a course of action that is propelling me to greater success. If I had not of spoken to her, I would not be doing what i am doing now. She's a gem.” Christina Mitchell

“I understand how many of them sometimes struggle with knowing exactly what to say or how to say it. Which is why I support and believe in Lesley's mission to help boost confidence with her coaching. She's light-hearted, skilled and knows what she is doing and truly cares about helping her clients. If you're looking to improve your language skills, you need Lesley in your life.”  Heidi Medina

“Lesley and I worked together on one particular project in early 2019 and I'm truly glad I had the opportunity to get to know her both professionally and personally. She is funny, very wise and really engaging. She approaches her work with a genuine level of care and a want to help people.” Georgina Chapman

“I was impressed at her ability to communicate complex subject matter in straightforward accessible language, but additionally her ability to support them to communicate and engage effectively.”

“Lesley is a highly knowledgeable and influential coaching professional. Her wealth of experience in coaching people at all levels and from a broad spectrum of backgrounds enables her to tailor her coaching to each and every individual with great success. Her methods are creative, inspiring and innovative, and her cheerful and positive disposition gains her great credibility with those she works with. “ Angela Toates