Why Me?​

Why Me?

So why would you trust that I know what I’m talking about? Well, I’m a consummate lover of both languages AND what makes people tick. Although I didn’t start teaching languages until much later (I resisted teaching with a passion!) it was clear on my first trip to stay with a French family aged 15 that what I’d been taught in school (at least 5 lessons a week for 5 years – with great marks) did not help me to communicate with these lovely people!

Moving to Germany for a year with no German was another shock to the system and confirmed that I needed to sit back and listen before I could join in the conversation. After 3 months of working in a factory and listening, I found I could understand almost everything that was going on. Then I began to work out how the language worked and I was hooked and I could start communicating.

I went on to study languages (mainly literature, which again wasn’t a whole lot of use on my travels…) What opened my eyes was my subsidiary subject: social psychology. At last I was studying how people acquire language, how they perceive the world and generally what makes them social animals. What makes people tick!

Later I was able to combine my love of sharing languages in a way that worked with my experience of business so I went on to set up my first company, ‘Languages In Business’ (very Ronseal!)

Because it was my own company, I was never constrained by traditional teaching methods, and the accelerated learning approach delighted the business people we taught: it fitted in with their work schedule, and helped to undo the blocks around language learning they had acquired at school.

I later went on to become an NLP coach and hypnotherapist, which complemented my other skills. After 10 years working in global organisations and travelling the world as a trainer and coach, I decided the world was ready for me to relaunch my blend of knowledge and skills and share the amazing new developments that technology has opened up. And here I am, ready to help you learn your new language!