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Providing a language course at work is not like offering a skills or knowledge based course. The learner has to give a lot of input. Even more than with any training, it’s notoriously difficult to quantify results as they are pretty subjective.

Generally the staff member will put in a request, and the training department will either have a preferred provider, or they allow the colleague to provide a quote and foot the bill.

It can be hard for training managers who have no background in languages to compare different approaches, ensure that the learner is getting the training they need and that the course is value for money.

Several things which make a difference to the outcome:

Language learning has been transformed over the last few years with the internet and better connectivity.

I’ve been helping adults learn languages for over 25 years and am fascinated by the process. Weekly tutor-led classes are no longer the only (or the best) option. I’ve been conducting extensive research over the last few months.

I can help you weigh up the options and may stop you throwing money away on the wrong option. I can guide and motivate your staff in what would work best for them and project manage your language programme.

I also run group sessions to help your staff decide what form of training they need and how they can make use of the wide range of resources that are freely available! 

If you’re looking to enhance the language skills in your organisation to open up better communication and cultural understanding – or increase the bottom line, please email me on or book a call here¬†